Taxation & Revenue Interaction

All business, companies, and individuals are obliged to submit various tax returns. Niall Byrne & Company can assist with the completion and submission of these returns. Timely reviews of income and discussions with a tax expert can result in the reduction of tax payable with adequate planning. In addition, the submission of timely and accurate tax returns, under all tax heads, can substantially reduce the risk of selection for revenue audit.

Main Areas

  • Preparation and submission of primary tax returns
    • income tax
    • corporation tax
    • capital gains tax
    • capital acquisitions tax
    • stamp duty
  • Tax evaluation and planning for business, personal & family
  • Revenue audits, investigations and disclosures
  • Inheritance and succession issues
  • Tax based investments
    • pensions
    • capital allowances
    • BES & Film
    • tax based property investments (section 23, section 50)

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