Audit & Accountancy

The objective of the audit of financial statements is to enable an auditor to express an opinion that the financial statements are prepared in accordance with the relevant financial reporting framework and standards, and that they give true and fair view of the company’s performance during the specified period and of its state of affairs at the end of the that period. The audit has to be carried out by the qualified auditor, who then reports an opinion of the member of the company. Learn more about advantages and disadvantages of a limited company.

Niall Byrne & Company provides the accounting services that your office may not have the time or the technical ability to handle.

The level of services provided depends on the client’s involvement in their own accounting function.

Main Areas

  • Audit and Audit Reports that comply with statutory requirements
    • SME's
    • Large Business Organizations
  • Review and assessment of internal control systems
  • Preparation of accounts for small and medium sized businesses
  • Management accounts - monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annually
  • Financial accounting and computer systems

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